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Technical Terms

Leathered finish- Leathering is a process that removes softer areas of the slab creating a texture and matte finish.  Also referred to as brushing.

Granite- a general term referring to many catergories of natural stone.  It is harder than marble but softer than quartzite.  Granite is highly scratch and stain resistant.  Hot pans can be put directly on granite.

Marble- commonly thought of as white with grey veins, though other colors and variations exisit.  Marbles are softer than granite.  They are more prone to etching, staining, and chipping.  Not recommended for kitchen use without anticipating a patina will develop over time.   We recommend a honed finish on all marble to hide minor etching.

Honed finish- a honed finish produces a smooth, matte finish. 

Quartzite- contains high levels of natural quartz.  Extrememly hard.  True quartzites are extremely scratch and stain resistant and do not etch.  Dolomites are often miscatergorized as quartzites, but have very different properties.  

Dolomite- best described as a hard marble.  Dolomites are a step down in hardness from granites.  Dolomites can etch but are less prone to etching, scratching, and staining than marbles.  Commonly miscatergorized as quartzites.  Dolomites are suitable for kitchen use but will require some maintenance and care.  We recommend a honed finish on dolomites to hide minor etching.

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